Peace Sanctuary 

Sound Healing

I first discovered the healing power of sound in 1987 and began utilising it in my various group work within the community.

Developing Sound Healing

I taught people of all abilities and ages to use sound as a form of expression, to release many pent up emotions, moving finally to a place of joy and peace within.

Many years experience has led me to work with various international sound healers in their many forms.

Developing the Voice through Sound Therapy

I have a particular interest in the use of one's own voice, developing my own through harmony singing in choirs. I have worked with natural voice practitioners, toning and performing with others.

How does Sound Therapy Work?

The vibration of sound waves move through every cell of the physical body changing its structure.

Does any sound work positively in Sound Therapy?

No, some sounds have a very negative and destructive effect.

What happens in a Sound Healing Treatment?

You will either be lying down or seated while I play various instruments including my voice.

What instruments do you use in a Sound Healing Treatment?

Crystal bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Mongolian Spinning Gong, Tuning Forks, Bells, American Indian Flute, Shruti Box and Voice may be used.

Why use Sound Healing?

I particularly like using sound healing when people are stuck and other therapies can't be used, or where sound is particularly enjoyed by the person.

I have found Sound Healing to be an invaluable tool for people with severe physical disabilities, autism and dyslexia.

Is Sound Therapy safe?

I would not use Sound Healing as a broad spectrum healer. Experience has shown me that it can be very powerful when used wisely, carefully and with a full and comprehensive understanding of the subtle energy field. I have developed my use of Sound Healing accordingly.

What is Toning?

Toning is using the voice to create tones which resonate to the major energy centres. Toning may be received and/or taught to use at home.

These sounds cleanse, balance and empower you. They are simple to learn yet a powerful self-healing tool. A short reflex alignment will be given at the end of any toning session.

What is the Subtle Energy Field?

Some of you will be interested in this area of my work and experience, yet for some it may well feel off putting. Similarly some of you will want to ask questions about such topics as:

  • Spirituality
  • Anatomy of the Energy Field
  • The Journey of the Soul

and many, many more related subjects.

I would ask you to please contact me and we can discuss these things without the possibility of bringing discomfort to others.