Peace Sanctuary 

Soul Recall for release of negative, repetitive patterns

Soul recall is an advanced therapy used where other holistic therapies are failing to fully address and release the problem.

Soul Recall to help cope with destructive relationships

Soul recall is extremely useful for release of negative repetitive patterns. Soul recall therapy can help in destructive relationships or where you feel you have 'no voice'.

Soul Recall can help long standing problems

A problem that has re-occurred, either over many years, or with different people or situations can be released and stopped on completion of a full soul recall.

Finding the root cause of problems with Soul Therapy

The greatest benefit of a soul recall is its ability to give you the root cause and understanding of a problem. This will obviously be of great benefit when a situation arises where you have previously felt disempowered. With the understanding and disconnection to the root cause many other options are now available to you.

Soul Recall can help with physical ailments

I have also found soul recall to be an invaluable tool where a physical ailment either will not heal or persistently re-occurs. Soul recall will help where necessary life changes have been made but have not worked.

What happens in a Soul Recall?

You will be lying comfortably on a massage table covered with a blanket. I will guide you through a relaxation and continue to guide you throughout the whole process.

Finding the root cause with Soul Recall

I will be asking you questions throughout until we find the root cause and it is released. The whole process is led by your soul. You are completely aware and will be able to stop the process at any time, avoiding any misuse of power.

Soul Recall is not hypnotism

Soul recall is not hypnotism. I will record the process in writing and you will be offered any positive record at the end of the session.

Soul Recall and Energy Levels

It is very unusual for me to offer a soul recall without first giving at least one reflexology session to ascertain its appropriateness and your energy levels.

Reflexology follow up to Soul Recall Therapy

A reflexology session is needed the week following a Soul Recall. Soul Recall Therapy is an extremely powerful but gentle process of releasing any stored memory.

Traumatic Memory released by Soul Recall

Any traumatic memory that is affecting your current life in a negative way can be released permanently and safely with Soul Recall. Long forgotten memories impact on our daily lives and continually call to us to be released.

Soul Recall for Balance, Health and Harmony

Music, taste, smell, objects, places, sounds, images and words are all powerful stimuli to our banks of stored memory. Soul recall gives us a very real chance to become masters of our own lives, emotions and choices once again.

Soul Recall gives us power to live our lives in a balanced, healthy and harmonious way

Life Plan

Why have a Life Plan?

The process of a life-plan session is very similar to a Soul Recall but the focus is different. The focus is to find out where your life should be heading when you feel you don't have a clue. It can also be used when you have so many choices you feel confused as to what direction you should be taking.