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Reflexology in Hebden Bridge, Calder Valley

Holistic Reflexology

What is Holistic Reflexology?

Holistic reflexology is a gentle massage technique used on the whole of both feet.

How does Holistic Reflexology work?

Your foot is a map to the rest of your self with 'reflex' points on the feet which correspond and link to all systems of the body. Massage techniques and those specific to reflexology are used on these 'reflex' points, which in turn trigger the body's natural healing and balancing mechanisms. It is very useful as a detoxifier for the whole of you.

Is Holistic Reflexology Safe?

Yes, Holistic Reflexology is extremely safe. Reflexology can be used for virtually anybody from newborn babies to those taking their last breath. Reflexology given in a Holistic way can be used for the treatment of most illnesses, emotional difficulties or problems. Holistic Reflexology is a very natural, non-intrusive remedy for today's illnesses and difficulties.

Do I have to believe in Holistic Reflexology for it to work?

No, although if you follow any techniques or recommendations given to you for use between treatments you will experience results more quickly.

How long will a Reflexology session take?

A reflexology treatment takes 90 minues with time for counselling or any questions and answers. This may be shortened depending on need, age, requirement and ability to lay down.

How frequently should I have a Reflexology treatment?

A session once a week for three weeks will give both you and I a good indication of how many Reflexology treatments you may need. These three sessions will bring you into a place of greater balance. Although an illness, disease or repetitive negative pattern that has taken years to implant may well need much more than three treatments.

What is Reflexology Therapy good for?

Holistic reflexology is a must for anyone suffering from stress. It brings great relief from stress, enabling you to often make very simple life changes within your daily life to live more calmly and balanced.

You will find you can often acheive more with less effort, no stress, whilst maintaining a greater degree of peace.

If you have any problem, any illness, any relationship issues I would highly recommend trying holistic reflexology with me as a natural, healthy way to beginning a better future for yourself.

What Holistic Therapy should I choose?

Reflexology is an extremely effective all round therapy. I will, in consultation with you, provide a tailor made healing programme, unique to you, your needs and finances to assist you in the best possible way.

Advanced Reflexology

What is Advanced Reflexology?

Advanced Reflexology is using my thumbs on specific reflex points on the feet for specific times.

Known as 'circuitry', these reflexology treatments are shorter in duration and are used when appropriate for:

  • pregnancy and childbirth
  • long term illness and transition
  • shock, loss and bereavement

Advanced Reflexology for Children

  • asthma
  • eczema
  • attention deficit syndrome
  • hyperactivity
  • dyslexia
  • 'dreamy children'
  • compulsive obsessive disorder

I have an enhanced CRB certificate and am also a member of the Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI).

Reflexology and Crystals

Crystals can be used in conjunction with reflexology very effectively when appropriate.

Either specific crystals are used in a particular way or one or two crystals may be placed on or around the body while a reflexology treatment is given. These are both treatments that I would not use in the initial stages of a healing programme.