Peace Sanctuary 

What happens during a Holistic Reflexology session?

There is time at the beginning of the Holistic Therapy to either talk or ask me questions. You will then lie on a comfortable massage table and be covered with a blanket. I will then gently massage first both feet and then each one separately.

Talking you through a relaxation process

If you feel comfortable with the process I will talk you through a simple relaxation while massaging or supporting both feet.

Frequent Worries

What if I can't lie down for very long during the Holistic Treatment?

The massage table is fully adjustable. You may sit supported by the table and pillows.

I will endeavour to ensure your comfort to facilitate relaxation during the Holistic Therapy treatment.

Holistic Reflexology sessions can always be made shorter if necessary.

My feet smell

This can be quite usual and nothing to worry about. Feet often stop smelling, especially after regular reflexology.

During the Holistic Therapy treatment I may laugh or cry

The body releases stress in many ways so there is no need to feel worried or embarrassed. Snoring, sneezing, coughing, laughing, crying and twitching are all quite usual responses.

I may fall asleep whilst having Holistic Treatment

Hopefully you will be able to fully relax. You may feel as if you've fallen asleep. This is a sign that you have relaxed enough to ‘let go’ of stress and can be viewed positively.

I will ensure you are fully awake and aware when you leave.

It might tickle

I do work gently, however clients report that although at first they thought it might ‘tickle’ it didn't.

I work with a pressure suitable to your energy. Tell me if you have ‘tickly’ feet and I can work with you to overcome the difficulty.