Peace Sanctuary 

Guided Meditations in Hebden Bridge – Thursday 7.30pm

A guided meditation is held every Thursday evening at 7.30pm for prompt 7.45pm start at the Hebden Therapy Centre in Hebden Bridge.

Meditation Guided to Music

These meditations will be guided to music suitable for beginners and more advanced.

Guided meditation costs £4.

Meditation Cleanses the Energy Field

Meditation cleanses the energy field and physical body bringing a clearer mind and an energy boost.

People often report that it is either the only time they are pain free or the first time.

Guided Meditation with a Personal Focus

Meditation can free us from stress, helping us to sleep and be more focused in our daily lives. These guided meditations will have a personal focus.

Crystal Earthworks Global Network

When ready you will be able to attend Crystal Earth Meditations as part of The Crystal Earthworks Global Network. These meditations have a global focus and can help us feel empowered in world events that often leave us feeling hopeless and helpless.

Meditation in Hebden Bridge, Calder Valley, West Yorkshire

If you've ever thought of trying meditation but are unable to sit cross legged, stop your mind from chattering, sit still or just worried then this is for you.

If you can sit on a chair and want to try meditation come to:

Peace Sanctuary
The Hebden Therapy Centre
9 Wragley House
Valley Road
Hebden Bridge

At 7.30pm for prompt 7.45pm start. Meditation 20 minutes

Cost £4 includes refreshments

Don't worry if you've missed a week, new people will be arriving all the time. I look forward to sharing your discovering of meditation with you.